Secret Life of Timothy Green : 6 Discussion Questions for your family

Secret Life of Timothy Green

This past weekend, I was delighted to see wthe soon to be in theaters movie “The Secret Life of Timothy Green!”. While most of my fellow viewers hid their sniffles I was delighted by the warmth, whimsical, yet deep topics that the movie brought to my mind. I would be hard pressed to find something about the movie I did not like. It was that kind of movie for me. With humor that is clean, mature, and full of whit Disney has brought another family movie into our lives that will probably be watched more then once.

Here are Six Discussion Questions. One of the best parts of seeing a movie together is the conversation that can follow with your family afterwards. Keep these in mind as you are exciting the theater to hold on to the “sharing something” moment just a little longer.

1. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could have children grow in a garden?

2. Timothy had a secret. Do you think it is hard to keep secrets?

3. During the whole movie you here about how Timothy’s Mom and Dad were constantly making mistakes. Does your Mom and Dad make mistakes?

4. What would you do if you had leaves growing out of your legs? Can you imagine going swimming with socks on?

5. In Timothy’s first scene he is covered from head to toe in dirt. Have you ever seen so much dirt in your life?

6. What makes your family a family? What made Timothy’s family a family?

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