A Teacher Named Fluffy : An Interception NOT made on the football field

If you haven’t guessed yet, my name is not Ed. Contrary to my domain, the ed stands for education. This is about our journey in education. I haven’t talked about our homeschooling “that” much here. Often because between the vacations and traveling, I am looking to find out how to actually blog about schooling while not falling short in teaching. (anyone finding the irony in all of that?). A lot of our schooling is done on the go, through the computer or on location. If anything I learn homeschooling can happen anywhere, through anything.

So, without further adu, I give you our latest lesson. (no travel required) A lesson in life, responsibilities, and love. Meet our new addition to our 5 acre home, family, and our hearts. Easter is the season for life it seems. Unfortunately, being a wooless breed and black sheep at this time of year means you may end up on the auction line.


This is fluffy. She was intercepted by us on the way to the auction. She is now a teacher, a friend, and a companion to our dogs! (yes, she is almost one of them) She will probably never provide wool socks since she is the hair breed of sheep and she will never be served up for dinner instead she will run with a collar and make my boys, who have been wanting a sheep for-ev-er, smile.

She has taught all of us so much. When I say all, husband and wife included.
(Husband and Wife Installing a little shade protection-We didn’t know what we were doing-but we did it)

We continue to learn every day and are blessed to have her and blessed to remember that we have each other!


  1. I am so happy you saved Fluffy – looks like she is already part of the family.

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