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Life360 makes Holiday Travels Easier

*The following post is a sponsored post by Life360 but that in no way changes how I feel about this application. My husband and I use this application often year round and not just during the holidays. All thoughts and opinions below are my own.

life 360

It is that special time of year again. Time for egg nog, warm apple cider, and being with family. When John and I first downloaded the Life360 app we were “app”rehensive. (Pun intended). Why would we want to know everyone’s every move? Why would we care. Then my youngest son and I went to DisneyLand and left everyone else at home. It suddenly made sense. He didn’t have to call me to see if we were in the parks and waste cell phone minutes, he could just check. He didn’t have to call and wake us up not considering the time zone, he could just check. It was a great tool to use. We communicated a lot and it gave my husband piece of mind.

I am looking forward to the holidays and having my extended family try Life360. I may seldom care where or what my brother is doing. But it makes a difference when it comes to food. Just by having him in the “Norton Circle” (a private circle only my family can track) we will know when he is on his way home from work, pull the turkey out of the oven and start carving. Dinner will be ready to be served within minutes of his car pulling in our driveway. My kids will be happier because they won’t have to wait as long and my brother will be happy we waited for him. My sister this year will unfortunately be miles away working this year but celebrating virtually through the Life360 app.


life 360 app

As a married wife for 12 years as the size of our families increase so does the managing logistics of celebrating holidays. Life 360 gives us the ability to make separate Circles allowing me to organize my family members based on family sides and know when family will be arriving from the city with just a glance at the phone. With relatives coming in and out of the city, Life360 can make party timing, attendance, and communication easier than ever before.

Not all of my family is on four square and not everyone enjoys letting everyone else know exactly where they are at that exact moment. Life360 makes it easy to communicate without pesky phone calls or texts; it removes the friction of checking in. So for those that are location conscious, like my husband, this is their kind of app.
Life360 App’s goal is to make family life easier – and make sure family members have peace of mind without feeling bothered, nagged and without their mothers or older sisters feeling overbearing. I love to bother my brother a lot. It is what sisters do but when it comes to getting family celebrations I don’t want anyone to feel bothered and I just want us to enjoy our company.

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