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Three Important Things to Do to Prepare For a Disaster

​There is no time like the present and now is the time to be learning about National Preparedness Month and what you can do if a disaster strikes your area. So gather around the kitchen table and give everyone something to talk about. Make a plan with your family and involve everyone in the plan. If you have a big family, give each child, or two, a duty to carry out with the plan. Let them know the three most important things that are a part of the disaster plan.

​First things first, if a disaster were to strike, where would everyone meet? Allow the older children to practice this part of the plan from school and activities, as well. It is not only important to choose a meeting place but to know how to get there from alternate routes. How will your family get in touch with one another if something were to happen? It is faster to text, if possible, rather than call one another to avoid tying up phone lines during a time emergency workers are using them. What if your family needs to use the fire escapes in your home? Do your children know them? When making this part of the plan, make sure there are two ways out of your house in a fire emergency and practice to ensure you and your children know it well. Once a plan is made, keep contact information and the meeting place in places such as backpacks, notebooks, wallets, surely a smartphone, and maybe on the refrigerator.

​With that said, you can never be too prepared. When there is a disaster, a plan is the best thing you can have to allow everyone to have the piece of mind that they are safe. By choosing a meeting place, knowing how to get in touch with each other and knowing your homes fire escapes you can be ahead of the game and possibly a disaster so get everyone together to make a plan for your family. For further information, go to Ready.gov and see what else you can do!