A Note from Our Classroom to Yours

Dear Fellow Homeschoolers,

Elizabeth here. By now you, like us, may have started school and after our adjustment we are finally getting back into routine. Routine is a funny word. We travel so often and learn on the go that we rarely see normal. I know the key to a successful education is critical lessons and of course testing to make sure they are learning.

The pursuit of balance is on for the school year of 2014-2015. I am nervous and scared and I know now as I am experience homeschooling and growing as a teacher these feelings are normal. I know many school teachers, public and private, that struggle with these pressures. Even for them each new year brings new student and new challenges for them. I see their Facebook statuses of classroom trails and know I am not alone. We all are walking the tightrope of September.

The beauty of homeschooling is the ability to bend and curve with each lesson as the road of education teaches us. I understand the Lord (for those that believe), the world, and the road will always be our biggest teachers as we are all molded into the people who we are meant to be. Homeschooling is not an easy journey to start on but here we are.

We have our multitude of reasons why we homeschool. You have yours. No matter what the reason life is taking us on the journey that is an adventure. Even with consistency of lesson plans things come up. Lessons need to be retaught or spelling words need to be rewritten. This is our life. We pivot and turn and adjust.

Happy Back to School from your family to mine. Happy back to blogging for me.