My Son’s View of the Fun Run he didn’t Run (but I did)


20140508-142539.jpgMy name is Paul and I write on this blog occasionally.  I am 11 years old.  I recently went to Disneyland with my family.  I usually talk here about what I learned.  Today I am talking about the Fun Run and DisneyLand.  I couldn’t run in it.  I wish I could have but my mom did.  I guess this post may be about what the Fun Run taught both of us.  P.s. That is me all the way in the back.




What it was like.
The story of the Disneyland Fun Run.

There we were,at the finish line.Then the bloggers came down the road,there we were waiting for my mom.I went crazy with the flag.I had to move so she could get through.It was an amazing accomplishment for me to see my mom do. I think she did a very good job.20140508-142434.jpg

The Fun Run experience changed my mom.She has us run every once in a while and she runs now almost every day. When it was done,she was very happy and proud of herself.The Fun Run was an amazing experience.It inspired her.

My mom struggles a lot with her health.  She doesn’t always look sick but I see her sick a lot at home.  Sometimes she is sick for a couple days in a row.  She never thought of herself as a runner before. I never did either. I guess you learn new things every day. Even when you are my Mom’s age.20140508-142446.jpg

Because of the fun run my mom was encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle. She realized that because she may be sick she might have a harder time doing it but crossing the finish line is just that more great. I saw my mom finish her race and hug my Dad. She was crying. I made sure she was crying happy tears. They were. We then ate breakfast together in Cars Land. When It was a very good experience. The Fun Run was great and she probably thinks that to. I will never forget that day.