10 Tips to Become the Best Homeschooling Parent You Can Be

Are you a veteran to being a homeschooling parent? Perhaps you’re new to this whole homeschooling thing. No matter what your level of expertise in this area is, your goal is to be the best parent/teacher possible for your homeschooled children. Check out these ten tips that I have found will help you become not just a good homeschooling parent, but a great one. I am not an expert homeschooler but, I learn something new every year. It is the best choice for my family and this is just 10 ways on how we make it work!


#1. Be Patient

It’s so easy to lose your patience with your children. One of the best things you can do to be a great homeschooling parent is to try and keep your patience as much as possible.

#2. Be Flexible

If you’re always trying to pull your kids in set directions, it won’t work. Learn how to be a little flexible for the sake of your kids and your homeschooling lifestyle.

#3. Be Understanding

So many times, we get mad at our children for such simple things. While homeschooling your child, try to be a little more understanding, this will make you a great homeschooling parent.

#4. Try New Things

The thing about homeschooling is that there is flexibility in the things you get to learn. Don’t be afraid to try new things in this homeschooling journey.

#5. Get Social

Your kids are going to enjoy being a part of the social world, whenever possible. Get your kids active and involved in different social functions. To be a great homeschooling parent, you’ll get yourself involved in these types of functions as well.

#6. Get Organized(yikes! Organized is hard for me but It is a must)

Homeschooling is already hard; don’t make it harder on yourself. Get as organized as possible. Keep papers, emails, charts, and files as organized as possible.

#7. Develop Relationships(this is my fav part)
This balance between being a teacher and a parent can get a little overwhelming. Don’t get too busy being a parent that you forget to be a teacher, and vice versa.
#8. Listen to Your Child (This is a challenge for me but I am getting better)

There will probably come a time when your child wants to be more involved in their own education. Don’t make it a dictatorship. Great homeschooling parents let their kids know what’s going on and also let their kids be involved in their own education decisions. (This doesn’t mean they make the decisions, it means you involve them).

#9. Make a Plan (yes, a plan. I hate schedules but even with unschooling you need some sort of plan)
You could just go with the flow in this homeschooling journey, but it’s better if you make a plan. You don’t need to have an elaborate plan, but putting something in place would be nice.

#10. Learn Something Yourself (I lied before about #7, this is really my favorite part! :)

Make sure you take the time to read, write, and dive into a little learning yourself. The kids will always be watching you, so why not learn positive things from you?
Being a great homeschooling parent isn’t about the competition, it’s about being the best for your child. These tips will help you make the best decisions possible while homeschooling your children. It doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks you’re great. All that matters is what you and your kids think, no one else.