Green Ways to Homeschool- Save the Environment and Save Money

I have a slight obsession with office supplies. I use to love the night before school. Packing my book bags with clean, and fresh lined paper and spiral bound was a joy. I know it might sound weird. Staples was all sorts of heaven for me until I realized my house was a mess full of school papers. I cannot take the clutter and in the end who can think or learn in this mess either. It’s extra hard to do this and keep things straight while trying to raise eco-friendly children. So we made a switch and our homeschool classroom has made attempts to go green.


Go Electronic- pick the same brand of device and communicate via an online messaging service, not through post it notes.

The Magnadoodle is your friend- Do math problems on a Magnadoodle. To watch work and correct use of words, use an iPhone or a kindle with a camera to capture the assignment so you can check it and save it for later.

Laminate- regular lined paper and use dry erase markers for practically anything. Not just handwriting practice, math, science, taking notes! This is an old school method but it still works. These papers are still worth something to this day and are worth the investment.

Take online testing for math drills instead of paper. There are a variety of online sources that can be used.

Save electricity and work outside. Enjoy the fresh air while reducing energy costs.

Keep electronic records of grades instead of paper. This helps reduce storage and clutter in your homeschool area.

What do you do to keep a green and earth friendly homeschool classroom?