6 Easy Ways you can Keep Kids Learning at DisneyLand and STILL have fun!

Disclosure: My son and I recently went to DisneyLand! I went to attend a conference on learning how to be a better blogger. I paid for my ticket to the conference. I paid for my flight out there. I stayed at the hotel at a discounted rate and I paid to get into the park on most days but I did receive 1 day comped ticket into DisneyLand/California Adventure that helped create this post. I was not compensated financially. As always, all thoughts, ideas, and opinions are my own in this post.

6 Easy Ways you can Keep Kids Learning at DisneyLand and STILL have fun!

Our Family Sees Disneyland and Education as a great fit. Where ever we go, we are always working hard to combine education into each adventure. At DisneyLand this is not hard at all. It comes so easy. We can teach almost any subject with ease and 1/2 the time our kids do not even notice they are learning. (That is the best kind of learning)


#1. Disney is a great incentive for a child!
Using Disney as a positive incentive is a great idea for a child who is struggling or just needs a great reward for their hard work. Think about the excitement they’ll have when they find out what their reward is for acing their test or really working hard at a project.

#2. Disney is a great way to experience culture.
Children are hearing dozens of languages while they’re in Disney. Those who work at Disney have a nametag with where they are from. The best part is that the staff is normally pretty friendly and don’t mind talking about their culture and where they’re from.

That hot dog was $6! If you have $25 in your gift card how much is left?

#3. Disney is a great way to teach your kids about money.
Give the kids a gift card to help pay for their food and souvenirs. The kids will see their balance go down on the gift card and understand the value of spending and saving. Best part of this is that it is mental math. It keeps kids sharp while they are waiting in line for rides.

#4. Disney encourages reading like you wouldn’t believe.
Just think about all of the books behind the Disney characters. Children love these books and the Disney characters bring those books to life. Also, movies that have been turned into rides have “behind the scenes” books. (Indiana Jones Movies are a great example of this) The reading options never stop. by Disney are reiterated through rides. Disney brings passion into reading through bringing characters alive.

#5. Disney teaches about time.
Your child can learn about ‘time’ while at Disney through activities like budgeting your time, how much time to spend in line, how much time is left etc.

#6. Disney teaches about history.

So much history invested in DisneyLand, and this is a great lesson to teach the kids. Wants journey is documented there as he inspired a team to carry out his brand beyond his years. There’s a ride dedicated to Abraham Lincoln this season at DisneyLand. You can tell Walt Disney invested a lot of his time learning about history and he had a desire to teach others about this history.


Everything Disney thing I can think of between musical shows to the latest ride technology it is very educational, but it’s also a lot of fun! Why not have fun and learn at the same time?