Getting There

This is a pretty hefty trip we are taking on. The hubs will be taking some time off of work to help make this happen. Learning isn’t cheap and neither is traveling around the country. We are up for the challenge! We say, “Bring It”!

We are also up for sponsors! We will make it well worth your while. Elizabeth is booked to speak around the country on many different topics and share her stories on health, social media, hands on education, engaging clients, and making learning fun! Do you want to be part of the action?
It could just cost you a gallon of gas or the entrance fee into the next museum. Who knows? All you need to do is just ask!!!  You will also receive heavy exposure across the net on various social platforms and if WE believe in your message, we could be your dream come true, promoting your product, service, or tourism attraction.

If you know that we are headed in your direction and you want to see us, contact us below!  We would love to stop by!


Email us at info at elizabeth norton dot com