Public Speaker

Looking for a public speaker? Do you have a class/team/special interest group that needs to learn about specific topics yet still be ignited, challenged, and inspired? Elizabeth may be YOUR girl to bring a dynamic presentation to your targeted audience! She promises to make lasting impressions, drive points home, and speak from a unique perspective. “Unique” just happens to be in Elizabeth’s DNA.

     Want to get your class, your crowd, and your audience fired up about something? The idea that Elizabeth is just a motivator is an understatement! In only 30 years of life, she has lived an “out of the ordinary” experience and she is eagerly waiting for what is next on the agenda…. YOU should too!

     Since the days when she clung to the computer while recovering from an illness, Elizabeth has eaten, slept, and breathed online social engagement. She had been the community manager for companies such as Hershey and is continuously fighting for reform of the foster care system. She herself has been a foster mom for a little under half her life. While her online life has been filled with passion since 2004, her offline life has been filled with excitement since 1981. It was around 13 years after that time that Elizabeth wrote, directed, and entertained on stage in Cape May County, NJ. Make no mistake; Elizabeth is an entertainer at heart. She aims to educate and to make people laugh as she pokes fun at her own imperfections and experiences. Elizabeth likes to keep it real.

     Speaking of heart, her moral and fundamental beliefs are driven by good willed manners as she pours out inspiration and points that have been instilled in her since she was a child and carried throughout her parenting career.



WHAT ELIZABETH BRINGS TO THE TABLE (aka what she speaks on):

  • Elizabeth is convicted to share her desire to inspire others to leave the world a better place than how they found it.


  • Change. Elizabeth is passionate about it and she encourages people to embrace it.


  • The use of technology and how it can benefit a company or person


  • Social Strategy and Marketing and how every industry is changing by the second!


  • Strategies and companies engaging clients and “earning” a return on relationship.


     Elizabeth is one that rallies for truth and good morals in the advertising and marketing world. (Dare she ask this of the corporate world?) Yes, Elizabeth believes in social media platforms being used in the business world to make genuine the word of mouth marketing world.

     When life deals you a hand of unexpected cards, learn to play the game that was planned out for you instead of folding and calling it quits or trying to play the game by YOUR own rules!

     Life is a lesson as much as it is a story!  Live it. Learn from it. Share your findings.