5 Ways to Make Eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken Educational


I am a firm believer that in any situation and in any place you can have an educational adventure. Traveling and learning are a great combination for my family. It helps us to unplug and gives us something to have a great conversation about.
Here are 5 ways you can make you a lunch stop on your travels a learning experience.

1. Letter Recognition:

Kentucky Fried Chicken is now rebranded as KFC. These letters are in numerous locations throughout the restaurant.

Now is a great time to discuss the sounds of K and multiple sounds of C.

2. Geography:
KFC was indeed started by a man that was in Kentucky.

How far away is Kentucky from you? (If you happen to be in Kentucky, discuss North Corbin, Kentucky where Colonel Sanders developed the first Kentucky Fried Chicken.)

In your travels are you heading towards Kentucky or away from Kentucky? (Now would be a great time to pull out the smart phone and show the kiddos where you are and where Kentucky is.)

3. Mathematics:
What time is it in Kentucky right now? (See if your older kids can figure this out!)

The first Kentucky Fried Chicken was served in 1930; how long has Kentucky Fried Chicken been being served?

How many pictures of Colonel Sanders can you see? Can you count them?

4. English:
Discover what the following words represent out of the following options- Adjective, Noun, Proper Noun, and Verb:

“Kentucky”, “Fried”, “Chicken”, “Colonel Sanders”, “Delicious”, “Fresh”, “Eating”

What is an abbreviation?

What is the abbreviation of Kentucky Fried Chicken?

5. Science:

The Science of Macaroni and Cheese

Molecules are all around us. What is a molecule? It is simply a measurement of sorts. A molecule is the smallest physical unit of an element or compound. Macaroni noodles are a bunch of molecules made of atoms. When the noodles are boiled in H2O (water), the macaroni starts to absorb some of that hot water.  The atoms expand.

What size do you think the Macaroni noodle was before it was boiled?

Do you think this made the noodle more or less dense? (This may be a trick question!)

This is NOT a sponsored post but was inspired by a recent visit to KFC headquarters.  I like to think creatively.  We are looking forward to visit KFC the next time we hit the road. :)