The fun way to not “really” travel: Little Passports Review


My husband and I, just recently, decided to send our oldest to private school. We love our boy but know he will prosper in a private school environment and we are sure this is where he is supposed to be.

Around the time we decide to make this happen “Little Passports” arrived at our door. I finally had gotten a fantastic way to learn geography and I am shipping a kid off! I worried if it would be like some other educational products that are just waiting and collecting dust on the homeschool shelf. BUT it is not like my other geography curricula at all-in fact within hours we were on our way to complete our first trip!

Let me tell you about Little Passports!

“Little Passports is your child’s ticket to an exciting global adventure. Inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about a country’s geography, history and culture in a fun and memorable way.”

Every month a package arrives filled with stories and fun activities to teach about a specific destination! Brilliant? Yes. If you know anything about our dreams and hopes at Edvacation you would know our dreams and hopes for our children are the exact reason why Little Passports was created!


We just completed our Nebraska trip today. We used math skills as we shopped for our carriage for our trip on the Oregon trail. We made a science experiment to understand how the strobe light was invented by a man from Nebraska. We even learned about the state insect, the honey bee. It was not just a geography lesson.
Both of my boys did the work together. I am in love with Little Passports. There is not much my kids agree on but little passports being awesome is one of them and I have to say I concur.

We can not wait to dive in to Florida next weekend. Join us?

I was given Little Passports to review at no cost to me. We loved the product and had to share.

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