The Truth about KFC Chicken

I have been eagerly awaiting a chance to write this post. Last week I was asked to join KFC and a bunch of bloggers to be educated about the food KFC serves, the quality they care about, and the standards they uphold. I want to start off by saying that this was a total full circle moment for me. The first stock that I bought as a child was KFC (talk about coming full circle!). So, here I am working with the company I first believed in. I also want to say that last year I spent healing my body, and part of my diet for that year did not contain ANY meat. I greeted the lovely KFC staff with delight and lots of questions. They answered each and every one. Here are 10 “not so random” facts about Kentucky Fried Chicken.


1. The boned chicken that they are famous for is FRESH. Yes, fresh. It is kept to temperature standards set by the FDA to keep that freshness and is limited to a degree standard of temperatures that are NEVER frozen. In fact, their temperature is in the middle of FDA standards-in other words, they go beyond FDA regulations. (so, yes it is fresh. Like if you went to the store and came home put it in your fridge and then made chicken for dinner the next day-like that kinda a fresh-like FDA approved fresh)


2. KFC does not treat chicken farms poorly.
In fact, they do not OWN any chicken farms. They are in the service of meals and not in the service of farming. They buy from farms and if the farms are found to be at sub-par levels, they will not partake in the using their chickens. (so, I am as much of farmer as KFC…..for example at the time I own no farm animals and…….neither do they)

3. KFC’s secret recipe is REALLY a secret. I tried to crack the vault that held the recipe but no dice. (I even prayed before and listened to my father’s suggestion of combinations, but it was not in the “Higher Up’s” (a.k.a. our Lord, Jesus Christ) will for me to know the secret. I think God knows what He is doing because I am terrible at keeping secrets. Ha ha! 8)

4. Colonel Sanders lived longer than both sets of my grandparents. 90 people- 90 years filled with 365 days each. Dude, that guy must have been doing something right! (He also always wore a white suit, I am pretty sure he wasn’t a mother dealing with toddler hands like me-at least that is my excuse for not wearing white!!!! :)


5. Vegan meal options are at some locations
. Being a vegan for a limited time, it was hard for me to travel (which is why I stopped). At some locations, salad bars are available. I learned that KFC has such fresh standards, that it takes a lot of salad eaters to keep this option open for consumers (smart business move for a company focused on freshness). So, if your KFC offers salads- support your local Salad Bar today!!!! . People need to eat more salads in this world. (so, if you are vegan because of health reasons this is for you-if you are vegan/vegetarian for animal rights-well this prob isn’t the restaurant for you! #beinghonest!)

6. Vegetarian options; yup you can still eat there! sides galore! Mac and cheese! Potatoes! Biscuits and Gravy!

7. On a budget for traveling? Don’t worry; there is a whole lot of bang for your buck at KFC. Most KFC restaurants have an “Ultimate Value Menu,” but the products and pricing vary by franchise location. It might include items like Snacker™ Sandwiches for $1.29 or a Value Box (Drumstick or Thigh and wedges, or 3 Hot Wings and wedges), Snack Sized Bowl or Honey BBQ sandwich for about $1.99. Pricing and participation vary by location……BUT the Pot Pie (I tried it! It filled my whole plate and then tummy) is also a pretty good value at $3.99. I am sure my two kids would split it and be happy! That is a huge deal for my boys! Veggies, chicken, and the thick crust come to $2.00 each. (Dinner is served, Yo!!!)



Honestly, the experience made me more excited to hit the road! I learned so much about food service. I feel like a better mom for going and more educated. What an amazing experience! I traveled. I learned. And now you have a chance to win.

(stay tuned for some fantastic winning options). I have Kentucky Fried Chicken loot and I am not afraid to give it away!

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Kentucky Fried Chicken invited me to learn about their products and I paid no expense. I was not compensated for this post! As always, These are my words and my words alone.



  1. It is so funny i love KFC it is my last meal every time I start weight watchers or any diet program. The mashpotatoes and the choclate cake are to die for. Yummy. I also love the chicken. Yummy good to know they are company doing the right thing by the chickens Fresh not frozen.

  2. Garry Gill says:

    KFC sucks… .its serves insects too….. i tassted on my birthday

    ( THEY SERVE INSECTS, TOO ) -scroll down to read news

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