We love Cold Tide Water


I despise laundry. Ask my husband; I usually wait ‘til the last minute to start the task (i.e. no one has clean underwear).Now granted, I would love to continue with this “procrastination-of-laundry” option, but I am sure our hosts and hostesses would be forever scarred when our not-so-pleasant smelling car pulls up their driveway.

One thing that I AM big on saving is money. The way I look at it, the more I save, the more we can travel. We have been using Tide Coldwater for a while now! We know our clothes are getting cleaned and without the need for our water heater to be turned on, we are saving on our gas bill. Win for us!

We love Tide Coldwater so much we made this video. Oddly enough, my son reacted to his prize differently than I thought he would. I’m not sure if the fact that laundry is a chore has settled in yet- but I AM NOT ABOUT TO TELL HIM!

We will be doing our own laundry on the road. Will will be using cold tide water. What do you use at home?

“I was provided a free product to sample and a gift card from Tide/SheSpeaks.”

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