What you need to know about visiting Winter the Dolphin

We recently had the amazing opportunity to visit Clearwater Aquarium. We also got a chance to see the most famous dolphin since flipper. She goes by the name of Winter and stars in the fabulous movie entitled “Dolphin Tale”!

While we loved the movie Dolphin Tale and believe it’s an amazing story, there are some things movie lovers should be prepared to discover upon arriving at the museum. Here are 5 things that you should know about the truth of Winter the dolphin. We loved this place a lot and even though the following are negative things, I must say the positives of seeing Winter outweighed these 5 negatives.

  • 1. Winter’s story is real. However, the movie isn’t. In most ways, it tells the story of Winter’s survival truthfully in and of itself.
  • 2. Winter’s moment of discovery did have a different story line. For instance, she did not wash up on the beach, but she did survive her ordeal.
  • 3. Winter doesn’t always wear her tail. She was not swimming as much as I thought she would be when we visited. Even though we loved our visit, we never got to see her tail. The shade hides her fin in the water underneath a roof shadow. There are no photo ops from underneath.
  • 4. This one was as easy to swallow as a gallon of salt water: Hazel and Sawyer do not exist. They are fictional characters, but the spirit of the children is DEFINITELY at the Clearwater Aquarium. The space is dedicated to saving sea life. Rescue, Rehab, Research, and Release are their 1st goals. Being a tourism attraction is the second. Life is everywhere and the great lesson of taking care of our sea animals is throughout the center.
  • 5. Although the story concentrates on what 2 children did for Winter it is actually amazing what Winter did for others. That is the true story. That is what we took away!

Even though I wish I had been more prepared for these things so I could help my very avid Winter fans cope with the different stories, we had a fabulous time. Learning the untruths about the movie (and when Hollywood is involved that should be expected) was educational and we will always remember the great day we had at Clearwater Aquarium. Besides being prepared for awkward parking and small hallways, be prepared for what my kids described as being better than a day at Disney. We loved Winter and now with a more truthful approach we love her even more.

These are some of our favorite Winter things. Not listed is the movie, “The Little Dolphin that Could” it is available at the gift shop. (where we purchased it) These other items are still our favorite.

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